Our business model consists of 6 pillars that grounds a long-term vision for our companies.  This model also serves as a foothold for each business in order to ensure success and longevity.

Vertical Integration

Our long-term growth strategy involves leveraging our passions and current ventures.  We seek to identify other businesses opportunities throughout our supply and distribution chain.  This principle will allow us to be in various industries around the world and place us in a position that will better hedge us against social-economic downturns.

Quality Craftsmanship/Work

We ensure that the products and services within our ventures are built-to-last.  This standard provides outstanding experiences for our partners, clients and communities.  These everlasting impressions will maintain long-term relationships and connections between our ventures and their market.

Timeless First

Timeless First, is the thought process in which we operate.  At the beginning of every decision, we put the end in mind and re-engineer our goals to bring us to our starting point.  This allows us to take steps that align with a long-term intention versus short-term reward.  Timeless First, also means looking to history and recognizing what applications have worked in the past and will continue to work in the future.  We truly believe a business that has a timeless approach, mindset and execution will stand the test of time.

Solution-based Innovation

We believe true innovation is born out of solving problems uniquely or creatively.  We are always attentive to the challenges within our ventures and markets because it opens our eyes to new opportunities.

Entrepreneur Spirit

We actively fill our organization with people who focus on results, find solutions and seek opportunities.  We structure our ventures with independent teams that take ownership in what they do.  This structure allows every brand to remain relevant to its customers and at the forefront of its market.

Balanced Approach

As opportunist we understand that with every transaction we also take on responsibilities socially, economically and environmentally.  We perform proper due diligence in order to see through various perspectives and to keep abundant relationships with our communities.